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Stories of Change

The homeless and hurting depend on Fairhaven to meet their physical and spiritual needs ... many have no one else.  They come here looking for a helping hand and a loving heart - someone to care.  I hope these words of appreciation from our clients will bless you.
    "If it was not for Fairhaven Rescue Mission, me and my kids would not have food for Christmas and if it wasn’t for the mission Thrift Store we would not have clothes.  We are thankful for all the people who help families every year.  God Bless to All."
    "Thank you for everything you provide for us.  A lot of people don’t care about others but I am glad you take time out to help people like myself.  I am grateful for everything you do.  God Bless.  Thank you."
    "A gracious thank you to those of you who think of us at Fairhaven.  I have only been coming to the mission for about a month, but the feeling of family here has really touched my heart.  God bless all of you and thank you."
    "I appreciate the mission because it feels real nice to have a place that I can fit in and not be judged or ridiculed.  I have no family and here I really feel wanted and like I belong."
    "I just want to say thank you for all the help we receive throughout the year.  Thanks for letting us come to Fairhaven and learn and study the Bible.  I really appreciate the Thrift Store in these troubled times.  We need all the help we can get.  Thanks for being patient with us.  I look forward to another year with God and your blessings."
    "Fairhaven has been a very special place for me, especially in my hour of need.  I wish to thank anyone connected with helping me as well as helping others.  We are all hurting at one time or another.  The holidays are coming and of course the mission will make sure that it is a joyous time.  May God bless and keep those who help and donate to the mission.  GOD REALLY IS LOVE."
Tom's Story  
  Tom was born in Indianapolis.  He quit school when he was a junior in high school and began drinking and taking recreational drugs.  In 1999 on the 4th of July his brother was killed in a car accident and on August 4th of that year his father died.  He then moved to Cincinnati to be near his sister.  He began drinking more and taking drugs.  He was a dysfunctional alcoholic-he knew he needed to change direction.

Tom came to Fairhaven Rescue Mission in August of 2012.  He entered the long term recovery program on August 8, 2012.  His goals were to learn more about God, get a job, get his GED, get an apartment, reestablish a relationship with his son and graduate from the mission’s recovery program.

Tom graduated from the New Life Recovery Program in August of 2013.  With the help of our staff, volunteers and most of all to those who pray and give to the mission Tom earned his GED, got an apartment, has reestablished a relationship with his son and is attending Gateway College.  Tom is very active in his church and has seen his love and walk with the Lord grow.  Oh and concerning that job – Tom has worked as a Night Supervisor for a year at Fairhaven Rescue Mission.  Tom’s future goal is to graduate from Gateway College and to go into social work so he can help others and make a difference in another person’s life.
Because of people, just like you, we are able to open our doors to help men such as Tom.  We can help by not only providing safe shelter, nutritious meals, a clean bed but we are able to give hope and encouragement.  And most importantly, we can show the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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Stories of Change

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